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Dawn Oliver

Contact Info
Area Served: Bluffton, Beaufort, Charleston, Savannah GA
Website: Visit Website!
Phone Number: 631-268-4119
About the Doula
Doula Since: 2013
Number of Births Attended: 42
Postpartum Families Served: 13

Dawn Oliver CDI(TDA) is committed to telling women the truth about childbirth, their bodies, and their options. She goes above and beyond to make sure women are heard, cared for and reassured and that their thoughts and feelings matter. By providing factual information and creative problem solving, she equips parents for a confident birthing and parenting journey. Dawn started Compassionate Care Doula Services to provide ethical, superior, compassionate services. Originally trained by DONA, she quickly realized that she needed to reach further in order to provide better education and a more supportive organization. Through Traditional Doula Arts. (TDA) she studied with fabulous teachers, including Mary Betsellie and T'Karima Ticitl. She also become a Traditional Doula Arts Instructor. In total, Dawn is a tremendously valuable resource to women in her community, offering services as a Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula, a Doula Instructor, Child Birth Educator, Birth Pool Rental, Placenta Encapsulator and Doterra Essential Oils Birth Kit Advocate for birth and beyond.