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Emilie Wilson

Contact Info
Area Served: Oklahoma City Metro
Website: Visit Website!
Phone Number: 405-603-8122
About the Doula
Doula Since: 2008
Number of Births Attended: 22

I grew up among the green trees and majestic mountains of the Pacific Northwest. I earned a degree in English teaching in 2001.  In 2004 I married my free-thinking, hard-working, dream-supporting husband, and a year later we welcomed our first child.  During that pregnancy, I met an amazing woman that shared her natural birth experiences with me.  The positive way that she spoke about her birth experience convinced me that I wanted to feel that way too.  I quickly read everything I could about birth, took a comprehensive birth class and changed to a provider that believed in supporting women's natural ability to give birth.

My son's birth was an incredible experience and I couldn't wait to help others feel the same way about their births.  In 2008 I trained as a birth doula and began serving mothers and families in birth.  Between 2008 and 2012, we added 4 more children to our family (including twin girls), and each birth was an incredible experience in its own way.  In 2010 we made Oklahoma our home.  My husband and I parent our crazy, happy crowd of five kids in Yukon, a suburb of Oklahoma City.

My education taught me to embrace the stories in the world around me, my teaching experiences gave me a powerful way to engage with humanity and my parenting journey showed me how much the early experiences of pregnancy, birth and postpartum matter. Now, as a childbirth instructor and doula, all of those paths come together.

As a doula and childbirth educator I witness as women and their partners make their own stories.  As a childbirth instructor, I work to educate women and their partners before birth, and, as a doula, I stand (squat or crouch) alongside women as they bring new lives into the world.  I love seeing families write their own birth stories and look forward to being a small part of each new story.  I hope yours will be one of them.