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Gloria Hines

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Area Served: Kansas City, Overland Park, Lee's summit, blue springs, leawood, Shawnee mission
Email Address:
Phone Number: 8169440777
About the Doula
Doula Since: 2017
Number of Births Attended: 2

I became a doula for so many reasons.
I grew up in the home birth culture with my mom's having 7 home births after I was born. This allowed me to see the birth world very closely and very personally. However, my only brother, their first home birth, was stillborn. He died of an unpreventable heart defect. The Lord used this time of sadness to speak to my mother about her own heart. (She used to be stoic, uncaring, and insensitive). He then gave her a new heart and because of that, she is now the most loving person anyone has ever met.

Because of this, because of the way that she processed birth, she is a changed woman, and thus our family is a changed family.

Every birth is so impactful. Every birth has the potential to change you and those around you forever.

I grew up a compassionate young woman, and I realized I had a huge heart for children and mothers very early on, so I became a nanny, and I loved it!! Moms sometimes would come to me weeping about their children asking advice or just needing a hug. What a privilege!

It finally hit me that childbirth was my calling right before I left on a missions trip to Nepal. This was confirmed over and over while I was there.
The women living in the Himalayas have to give birth alone. What?! In that below freezing, extremely high altitude…alone?!
It blew my mind. So many women and babies die this way every year, and so much of it could be prevented with another educated woman by her side.
My goal is to eventually bring education and unstigmatized birth to these beautiful people!

But the more I studied on what a doula does, the more I realized it really is for every woman. Ask any woman that has children, and most of them will tell you the horror story of their labor. Doulas actually change this. Doulas create an atmosphere for you. They release you to have an experience to be proud of. They take everything scary about a hospital away. They put you in charge of your birth and encourage the warrior within.
And that’s who I am. In birth or not… I am a doula.