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Julie Banas

Contact Info
Area Served: Joliet Illinois. 30 mile radius. Travel to Chicago available upon request. Chicagoland Area Southern Suburbs
Phone Number: 312 402 3344
About the Doula
Doula Since: 2011
Number of Births Attended: 6
Postpartum Families Served: 1

My name is Julie Banas and my passion for birth started long before I had children of my own. Now a proud mother of two girls my feelings are that much stronger about the lack of education and support for pregnant women. I feel like giving birth is such an amazing event and it should be special in every way. I think a woman should have the right to birth how ever she pleases without meeting resistance. The United States comes behind 30 other countries in maternity care. I want to do something to improve those odds. I don't think enough women know about their options and rights when it comes to the birth of their babies.

Rising Phoenix Birth Services has a mission to educate, inspire, and support parents to be with an open mind and a passionate heart.

I believe that birth matters and the experience of a birth has lasting effects on everyone involved. I believe in evidence based birth and support the Mother-Friendly Childbirth Initiative. I support breastfeeding education and offer information to encourage informed decision making.

I am in a Military family and understand the importance of family and a good support system. I am especially sympathetic to other military wives who know the sacrifice we share when we marry our heroes.

I am Academy of Certified Birth Educators (ACBE) certified. I am a trained birth assistant with Northwest Birth Assistants (NWBA). I am a trained Childbirth Educator and have both my CPR and NRP certifications. I am currently working my way to becoming a Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM). With my current free time I am trying to establish the a free standing birth center in Illinois. There are a lot of steps along my journey to Midwifery but I feel being in the world of birth while I get there will help me stay close to the things I love.