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Krissy Jinkerson

Contact Info
Area Served: Middle TN and surrounding counties
Phone Number: 615-635-2052
About the Doula

I'm a licensed practical nurse with seven years' experience working in both clinical and private, in-home settings. As a mother of four, I'm a passionate advocate of childbirth education with knowledge of many delivery methods. I have delivered with medication as well as naturally, in both hospitals and at home. I am honored and blessed to be teaching this class. I feel this is the most effective childbirth class because in my experience meditation on Scripture, acknowledgement of God and reliance on Him are the tools allowing women to cope well during labor.

Whether you hope to have a natural childbirth or are open to interventions, relying on your relationship with Christ will serve you well during the life-changing experience of labor, birth and ultimately becoming a new family.