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Kristin Rahn

Contact Info
Area Served: Fort Wayne, IN and surrounding areas
Email Address:
Phone Number: 260-804-1960
About the Doula
Doula Since: 2010
Number of Births Attended: 110

Mother of four, community volunteer, and seasoned birth doula, Kristin Rahn often likens giving birth in the care of a doula to buying a house with a Realtor or appearing in court with a personal attorney: any of these things can be done alone, but the continued support of a professional who has been hired solely for the client, has helped others through the same experience many times before, is a diplomatic communicator and competent leader with a calming presence, and whose only agenda concerns the client’s agenda can make all the difference in the end. Kristin sees her role as doula as part guiding, part following, and part simply guarding the birth space and walking alongside. She believes in the power of empathy and often stresses that there is no “magic bullet” to make labor easy and pain-free; bringing a baby into the world is hard work even under the most optimal of circumstances, but a good care team can make things much easier to bear!

Kristin has a degree in psychology and has had an active doula practice since 2010, serving Fort Wayne and the surrounding region. She has amassed a wide variety of birth experiences: many different providers, birth places, birth experiences, birthing families from all walks of life. She is continually learning, researching, and training and always comes to births with an open, yet focused, mind and a servant’s heart.

Services include:

  • Continuous phone, text, and e-mail availability from the moment hired onward
  • At least two prenatal visits in the client’s home to get to know her and her partner, if applicable, and learn how to best serve them during labor and birth
  • Continuous in-person labor support from onset of active labor, or arrival at the hospital for induction or surgery, until mom and baby are settled and ready to rest after the birth
  • Remaining in touch daily for the first several days postpartum to check in and refer to further information, help, or support, if necessary
    At least one postpartum visit to discuss how the birth unfolded and how mom and baby are doing currently
  • A detailed birth story timeline plus pictures or video on your own camera, if desired
  • Extensive knowledge of and networking with other local professional resources for the childbearing year
  • Networking with other doulas of comparable experience for potential back-up, while limiting client load and outside obligations to maximize availability to laboring clients
  • Add-on services, if desired, include placenta encapsulation, blessingway ceremony officiating, and limited overnight early postpartum doula care