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Leigh Anne Hancock

Contact Info
Area Served: Nashville and surrounding Middle Tennessee.
Phone Number: 931-239-5317
About the Doula

I’m a mom to three rambunctious little boys and one baby girl. I was raised in Alaska but transplanted to the south when I graduated from high school. I’ve lived in Tennessee since 1998 and I attended Tennessee Tech University, receiving my Bachelor’s of Science degree in Electrical Engineering. I retired from TVA as an electrical engineer after the birth of my third son. I enjoy meeting new people, homeschooling, sewing, blogging, riding on my cargo bike, completing the occasional triathlon, and making things for my kids.

I became a childbirth instructor because my first son’s birth was amazing. Moments after he came out, I told my midwife, “I want to do that again!” He arrived on my 27th birthday and it was the best birthday ever. I didn’t use Hypnobabies for his birth but another alternative hypnosis program along with reading a lot of birth stories. I wanted to become a childbirth instructor to encourage others to feel confident in their bodies and birth their babies with the most tools possible. After looking at different programs, I felt that Hypnobabies would be the way to most effectively help women and their birth partners learn about the birth process. I began teaching Hypnobabies in 2009 in Chattanooga. I used Hypnobabies during the birth of my second and third sons and most recently in my daughters birth. It was amazing and empowering. Their births have helped me encourage other parents in their quest for an easier childbirth experience. We moved to the Nashville area in the summer of 2013 for my husband’s work. I continue to learn more about birth by going to workshops and conferences. I'm also a graduate of Gena Kirby's rebozo workshop. I’m excited to teach women and their partners all I can about childbirth.