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Lindsey Seger

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Area Served: Nashville Area
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Phone Number: 615-305-5409
About the Doula

I'm a native of Middle Tennessee and became passionate about childbirth during my second pregnancy, a Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC). I joined a cesarean awareness and VBAC support group to encourage other mothers about their options and became the co-leader of ICAN of Nashville shortly after. My volunteer work with ICAN inspired me to get certified as a childbirth instructor. I began giving speeches at events and have been invited to talk with community and women's groups. I've been honored to contribute to the training of doulas concerning issues of cesarean prevention and recovery and VBAC as an option in our area. In 2014, I was named to the Board of Directors of ICAN, as Vice President. Read an interview with me here.

I thoroughly enjoy spending an evening every week with pregnant couples discussing and preparing for birth! I teach a twelve week course in an easy relaxed environment. My class usually has four to six couples. These smaller class sizes are less intimidating - encouraging discussion and questions - and allow for some flexibility and tailoring of the content to fit your needs. The longer length allows for a much more comprehensive examination of the topics and coaching and labor rehearsals that shorter classes may not have time for. The closeness of my class and the amount of time spent together means that my couples often bond and form their own little support group. There's nothing like having a friend going through the same stages of parenting that you are.

Details about class schedule, fees, and testimonials may be found on my website. My dream is to influence for the better the way couples become parents and the way parents meet their children!