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Merrill Durham

Contact Info
Area Served: Davidson and Williamson County
Phone Number: 615-999-4758
About the Doula
Doula Since: 2012
Number of Births Attended: 60

Merrill entered the birth field after witnessing her first home birth in 2010. It changed her life forever. It was then that she realized how normal and natural birth can be. And when birth is honored, it can be a positive experience for the mother. She spent the next three years learning everything she could about pregnancy and childbirth, while also being invited to witness more births.

Her level of passion only increased when she became pregnant with her first baby in 2013. On November 7th, 2013, she birthed her daughter into this world in the comforts of her home. It was a long, four days of labor but she worked hard to have her baby at home (You can read her birth story here). Having experienced birth firsthand, she gained a whole new level of appreciation for what women go through in labor and it made her so excited to share to use this knowledge to assist other women so they could have an empowering birth.

In 2014, she became a trained and certified doula through DONA (Doulas of North America). She also started attending births as a midwife assistant for a local midwife, as well. She had the privilege of attending a midwife skills workshop at The Farm and is certified in neonatal resuscitation. All of these skills and training furthered her passion to serve women.

The birth of her second daughter in January of 2016 added more depth to her role as a birth worker. Her planned home birth turned into a hospital birth but despite the change in plan, she experienced a joyful, peaceful birth. Her personal experiences and each birth she has had the privilege to attend has led her to believe that every birth is beautiful and women who are supported during this powerful journey can leave the experience transformed.

When she is not running Nashville Doula Services or attending births, Merrill loves exploring the Nashville food scene, gardening, raising her backyard chickens, and learning how to balance her work passions and her precious family of four.