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Paith MacQueen

Contact Info
Area Served: Boulder County Adams County Boulder Gunbarrel Longmont Louisville Lafayette Erie Superior Westminster
Phone Number: 3034346038
About the Doula
Doula Since: 2008
Number of Births Attended: 4
Postpartum Families Served: 4


You CAN make decisions in your birth from an empowered place that speaks to your soul.

You DON'T have to lose control of your birth.

You DON'T have to lose yourself in motherhood.

You CAN become a powerful matriarch and LOVE the woman you become through motherhood.

Your birth can be a demarcation, a ritual and beautiful initiation of your power, your beauty and your ultimate role in life as a feminine leader (in your family, your business/profession and in your circles).

How can you do this? As a master healer, creator of the Empowered Birth Technique™, mother to two incredible daughters (with two potent, pleasurable and empowered births, one in a midwife-run birth center and one in a hospital) AND as birth and postpartum doula, I ACTIVATE you into your power.

My unique genius is that my very presence in your life AWAKENS your ultimate power and the embodiment of your TRUTH during your birth.

My presence in your birth year is the VOICE of sisterhood, mentorship, witnessing and empowerment that you want beside you when it really counts.

I don't want it to be: 'I WISH I had had that voice of empowerment beside me' after you're ALREADY thrown into the disorienting newness of early postpartum and trying to deal with/heal from/make sense of what happened to you during your birth without a powerful advocate and guide beside you...

About Paith MacQueen, your birth doula:

Paith is the creator of Empowered Birth™ and the Empowered Birth Technique™ and founded She is a birth and postpartum doula and mentor for the entire birth year from preconception, to birth and postpartum.

Her unique sacred genius is to help women have an empowered birth year and Birth Your Ultimate Power as a Woman in Your Motherhood Journey™.

Paith has two daughters (goddesses in training) and has had two pleasurable, quick, empowered births (one in a midwife-run birth center and one in hospital).