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Sebrina Parker

Contact Info
Area Served: Rio Grande Valley, TX
Email Address:
Phone Number: 9728919278
About the Doula
Doula Since: 2015
Number of Births Attended: 1

As a midwife baby, wife of a midwife baby, and mom to a born-in-water baby, I strongly believe that birth is normal and we should allow our bodies to birth as nature intended. But as a cousin to a HLHS survivor, I’m also aware that natural birth isn’t for everyone and hospitals can play life-saving roles in the birth experience. It’s only you who can decide how you need to birth. I will advise you of risks and benefits to procedures and interventions, facilitate communication between you, your partner (if applicable) and hospital staff to get the best evidence-based information available, and continually support you during pregnancy, birth, and beyond.

I am currently completing my Birth Doula Certification (CBD) through Birth Arts International.