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Tamara Morales

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Area Served: Sacramento, Davis, Placerville, Roseville, Folsom, Carmichael, Fair Oaks, Elk Grove, Lodi, and surrounding areas.
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Phone Number: 9169343333
About the Doula


My name is Tamara Morales, but many know me as 'The Placenta Mom'.

Moms of all walks of life enjoy the benefits their placenta capsules have to offer them during their transition into motherhood and since 2009 I have been honored to help these moms during this amazing time of their lives as a local greater Sacramento, CA area Placenta Encapsulation Specialist.

Placenta work is a personal passion of mine and I have firsthand knowledge regarding a balanced postpartum period thanks to placenta capsules. Mothers who take placenta capsules report earlier and enhanced breastmilk production, less postpartum bleeding, more energy, and a faster, more pleasant postpartum recovery. Placenta capsules can also reduce the incidence and severity of postpartum depression, and help new mothers to cope with stressful life transitions. Placenta encapsulation is about the balance and general well being for the new mother.

My PlacentaMom clients call their placenta capsules their “happy pills” and say they would never give birth without doing this for their postpartum period.

Is your placenta in your birth plan?

For more information on how to have more balanced postpartum with placenta encapsulation, & to be added to my client calendar, please visit