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Tammi McKinley, CPM

Contact Info
Area Served: Northern Virginia, including but not limited to: Arlington, Falls Church, Fairfax, Alexandria; and the greater Washington DC Metro area.
Email Address:
Phone Number: 571-318-6136
About the Doula
Doula Since: 1998
Number of Births Attended: 300

Tammi loves serving birthing women!  She also attends births as a doula, a professional who provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support to the mother before, during and just after birth; or who provides emotional and practical support during the postpartum period.

Tammi also offers her skills and years of training and practice as a midwife in the role of a monitrice (a doula with advanced clinical skills) for those mommas not wanting to birth at home.  This allows her to provide doula support and include her medical skills and expertise into care for you and your baby.

Being a homebirth midwife, I have the unique ability to be able to incorporate all of my years of training and practice in offering such monitrice care at home before going to the hospital or birth center.  Such monitoring can include vital signs, cervical checks, and fetal heart monitoring, which are especially reassuring to VBAC mommas and mommas looking to avoid going to the hospital too soon.  As all of my homebirth moms breastfeed, I also offer that expertise in the care of you and your baby.  Not every woman wants to birth at home and this allows you to have access to that skilled care before, during and after the birth.

My doula training is as a HypnoBirthing Professional Labor CompanionSM.  An HBPLC provides continuous support to families prenatally, throughout labor and postpartum. This unique training includes traditional doula training and also provides the Labor Companion with the skills necessary to serve the needs of HypnoBirthing families and any momma using hypnosis for childbirth.  It is truly empowering support, whether or not you use HypnoBirthing or other hypnosis for childbirth.